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16 Courses - Master's Thesis

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Director’s Message

Dear Prospective Student,

The choice of an MBA Program is a matter of high significance for your business career and success. Therefore, your choice should be based on your personal goals and plans, your abilities, the added value of the MBA Program (in terms of structure, content and teaching staff) and the reputation of the institution that offers it.

The participation in an MBA Program requires willingness for learning, great effort, loyalty and seriousness (as far as your studies are concerned), elements that will allow you to acquire the prerequisites to become a successful manager, like:

  • Management knowledge
  • Experience
  • Maturity

Our MBA Program is based on the small class size that helps students exchange ideas and experiences and promotes an attitude of team thinking and acting. It is also based on modern teaching approaches (case studies, workgroups, site visits, guest speaker lectures etc), a high-calibre faculty with an international presence and a broad academic and professional experience and a demanding program structure that helps students to set and advance their professional and personal goals (16 courses in 3 semesters, 3 concentrations). All the above factors contribute significantly to the acquisition of knowledge, abilities and a leading personality that will allow you to manage complex situations, make decisions and introduce changes within the national and international context of modern enterprises. If you consider yourself able (GPA, personality, business experience, etc.) to follow postgraduate studies, then take this opportunity, be compared with other candidates and become a member / student of our MBA Program.

Professor Dr Leonidas S. Chytiris,
MBA Director

Our vision

Graduates that will be the next generation of managers-leaders who will have:

  • acquired knowledge and abilities to manage, make decisions, face and introduce changes within the national and international context of modern enterprises,

  • formed a leading personality,

  • gained a learning experience in an interactive context with professors, managers and colleagues

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What our graduates say about us

It is a high quality MBA program that focuses on the provision of general and management specific knowledge, a characteristic that helps future managers in dealing with practical business issues of organizations. Its teaching staff combines high level teaching effectiveness and successful business experience. Undoubtedly, the attendance of the University of Piraeus MBA program was a unique knowledge experience for me, which contributed significantly to my business career.
Constantinos Verras, Managing Director, DEAM
The years 1995-1997 have been the most creative in my life. In parallel with my demanding job position as a Sales Supervisor in a Greek multinational company and the birth of my 2 sons, I attended the 2 year (at that time) MBA Full Time program. I reassured my theory of the great potential we all have, as long as we are mobilized to unleash it. I have had only pleasant memories of my MBA studies and maintained long lasting relationships with my Professors and colleagues.
Lefteris Anastasakis, External Company Affairs Manager TITAN CEMENT Co, S.A
It is a postgraduate program which constitutes a modern “Krypteia” (an Ancient Sparta institution related to the education of its future leaders). Adjusted to the needs and demands of modern management, the University of Piraeus MBA program does not aim simply at developing ordinary executives but future leaders.
Constantinos Koronios, MBA. MSc, Ph.D Candidate at the University of the Peloponnese
As for the future, your task is not to foresee but to enable it-Antoine De Saint Exupery
It is a program that stimulates thinking, communication, collaboration, teamworking, self confidence and enthusiasm and thus it manages to develop the next generation of leaders. The attendance of the MBA program has been an investment that made me richer in material, spiritual and inner/internal terms.
Maria Soutoglou, Snacks & Beverages Sales Development Manager, PepsiCo Greece
…I can certainly say that the MBA is a valuable journey of knowledge for all those that wish to broaden their horizons and prepare for a successful future professional career. After one and a half years of study, I realized both the interdependence of medical results with numerous non-medicine specific factors and the need for people that “speak” two professional dialects contributing in overcoming potential communication inefficiencies between different scientific disciplines (e.g. Management, Medicine). My choice to study at this program has been proved wise as, among other things, it offered me opportunities to develop fruitful cooperation with renowned Professors.
Olga Tsirogianni, Doctor-Pathologist
My studies at the University of Piraeus MBA program have offered me knowledge and skills which have helped me in choosing the right professional path and in acquiring a rational mindset. The educational context of the specific MBA program favors interpersonal relationships between students and academic staff, an element which fosters professionalism, maturity, seriousness, collaboration and teamwork. The professional recognition of its graduates and its students` engagement in the MBAs Society`s activities are two more reasons for choosing this particular MBA program.
Andreas Tigkas, Financial Controller Sony Mobile Communications AB
The University of Piraeus MBA program is recognized not only for its high quality teaching staff but also for its high quality students that co-create a learning and networking community for both present and future. Its adequately structured curriculum is based on the most modern educational methods, offering to students the knowledge, skills and tools needed for a successful career in the modern competitive environment.
Giannis Kapantaidakis, Finance Division, Hellenic Defense Systems S.A